Our Warranty Policy

Techsolution-Global strives to deliver only the highest quality parts and components. All units are tested before shipping, however, when something fails to meet your expectations, every effort will be made to correct it.

Techsolution-Global warrants to the original purchaser of components rebuilt or supplied by Techsolution-Global to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of eighteen (18) months from date of sales, or 12 months from date of installation, whichever is sooner. Should the item fail, Techsolution-Global will repair or replace said component without cost, pursuant to the following terms and conditions (unless stated otherwise):

  1. The purchaser shall receive an authorization number prior to return of the defective component. Refer to the goods authorization number on all return documents.
  2. The defective component shall be returned to Techsolution-Global freight prepaid to the specified location for inspection to determine the cause and nature of the defect.
  3. Warranty determination is at the sole discretion of Techsolution-Global. It is understood and agreed between the purchaser and Techsolution-Global that Techsolution-Global has the knowledge and expertise to determine whether the article failed due to parts, materials or services provided by Techsolution-Global, or whether the failure was due to causes not covered by this warranty.
  4. This warranty shall not cover defects caused by improper use or installation, system contamination or failure of the purchaser to perform all regular and normal maintenance specified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  5. OEM startup guidelines and installation procedures must be followed and documented.
  6. Techsolution-Global will in no event be liable for repairs or replacement by others. This warranty does not cover failure due to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident or tampering. Components disassembled prior to Techsolution-Global warranty review shall void this limited warranty.
  7. Techsolution-Global will not be responsible for equipment down time or loss of use, overtime, production delays or any other consequential damages.
  8. Returns should be properly packaged to protect against damage during shipping. All subassemblies should be bagged or boxed separately. All ports must be capped to prevent contamination from entering unit.
  9. Use of hydraulic oils or compounds that do not meet OEM specifications shall void this limited warranty.