Our Technical Solutions and Services

We are servicing any type of drilling and hydraulic equipment. We specialize in providing solutions for all industries and equipment including but not limited to:


Mud Pumps Service and installation

MHWitz and NOV Mud Pumps

Top Drive



Hydratong, Iron Roughneck, RN, RNX, Tri-grip HRN, NOV

Vertical PipeHandling



Other Vertical Pipehandling machines:

Drillfloor Manipulator Arm

Traveling Block and Crown Block

Bridge Crane,VPR, IRA, URA, Lower Guiding Arm and Robotic Arm

Cathead, Rotary Table, Swivel, Mud Bucket

Horizontal to vertical Pipe Handling system

Eagle and Eagle light.

Work Baskets:

Access Basket, Cherry Picker, Service Basket and Work Basket.

Finger Board and Belly Board.

Horizontal PipeHandling Machines

Tubular Feeding Machine and Riser Feeding Machine.

Other Drilling Equipments

HPU.Deadline Anchor and Drill Line Drum

Utility Winch, Main Rider Winch and Racking Board Winch.


Anchor Handling Winch.

Elevator BX and Air Operated.

Power Slips.



Additional Services

Hose Services

MP Hydraulic hoses manufacturing, pressure testing and visual inspection. Hose sizes from ¼ to 2”.

The hose working pressure up to 10 000PSI.

HP hoses (parker Polyflex) with MP  & HP autoclave connections. The working pressure up to 60 000PSI.

Low pressure air, water and hydrocarbon hoses manufacturing, pressure testing and visual inspection. Hose sizes from ¼ to 4”.The hose working pressure up to 20BAR.

Prepare the hose register and list of materials for required hoses.

Piping Services

Swagelok piping.

Autoclave piping.

Hydraulic and pneumatic piping 1/4“ – 4“.

Other Services

Repairing and nitrogen charging of hydraulic accumulators.

Service of hydraulic and pneumatic system and components.

Also we are providing a different type of trainings (Hose inspection awareness, Autoclave awareness, Thread awareness, Small bore tubing).

Installation and retrieving, disassemble and assemble, repair, pressure testing and maintenance of X-mas Trees, manual and hydraulic valves.
Run and install Wear Bushings, take measurement for installation of Casing and Tubing Hangers.

Desalination systems Installation and servicing and etc.

Spare Parts Services

We are providing any type of spare parts according drawings for all of the above but not limited equipment.